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Wedding Decoration with Inflowers

Inflowers is a flawless, hassle-free wedding.

Dreaming of a more perfect wedding? Want everything to be the way you’ve always dreamed, but without the added stress? Leave it to us.

Our team of craftsmen not only decorates the wedding, but also turns your dreams into reality. From car decorations to creating the atmosphere of the banquet hall, we will do it all for you.

Your Wedding – Your Choice

Are you dreaming of a traditional wedding or a themed one? We will make your vision come true.

How to start?

Share your wedding venue information.
Specify the date and time.
Send some photos or ideas you would like.


How much it costs? We start from just €400.
How much time does the organization need? Plan at least 7 days in advance, but 30 days is ideal for us.
Is everything official and guaranteed? Of course, we conclude a contract with guarantees for each customer.
A few cars to decorate? Without problems! Just share your detailed preferences.
Or do you want to decorate the whole homestead? Yes, this is the essence of our work.

Make your wedding day magical with Inflowers!

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