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Flora ir menas, MB
Įmonės kodas: 306294775
El. paštas: info@flowerbar.lt
Tel. nr.: + 370 699 24919
Jonažolių g. 1, 04134 Vilnius

About Inflowers


I am Ina, a personal florist and event decorator, determined to enrich your everyday life with the charm of luxurious flowers and good emotions.

InFlowers’ mission is to give you the opportunity to constantly delight and surprise your dearest people.
My passion, flowers, is created by nature itself. The unusual abundance of flower shapes, the combination of their scents and the delicate shades of various colors provide an opportunity to create unique floristic solutions for various occasions with attention to every detail – from “Flower subscriptions” for your business to exclusive wedding decorations.

I am convinced that every occasion is worthy of celebration, and everyday moments can be decorated with the charm that flowers provide.



We want to thank our Moms for the wonderful bouquets 🙂  We will be back again and again. We were very satisfied with the pleasant communication, the implementation of ideas, and the bouquets delivered on time. Thank you 🙂 We definitely recommend 🙂

Inflowers Services

Wedding decoration
Weddings are one of the most important moments in life, and Inflowers is here to help you make them simply one of a kind. We not only create flower arrangements, but also take care of the complete wedding decoration. From banquet hall decoration to car decorations, we make your dream wedding come true with professionalism and passion.

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Flowers subscription
We understand how important it is to create the right image and atmosphere in a business environment. That’s why we offer customized ring subscriptions for business. We will regularly deliver fresh, stylish and impressive flower arrangements for your office, hotel or any other business space. Our rings will not only enrich the appearance of your space, but also help create a positive and fragrant working environment.

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